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 Welcome     June 2, 2020  

Hello to our Members and Guests, 

 Thanks for your support of My18Holes Golf Handicap system.
In front of us lies another golf season; the best time of the year as the azaleas have awaken and all slates are clean and ready to record our triumphs and failures.

Whether you seek the fellowship of close friends or the solitude of a long distance runner, golfing offers the self-satisfaction that few of us are able to experience in other sports. Without crowds or cheerleaders to urge us on there we stand again on the first tee with the course waiting, invitingly.

Will the golfing gods smile on us? I think yes!

Have a great season!

My 18 Holes Staff

Golf Handicap Calculator

The Golf Handicap Calculator at My 18 Holes offers golfers world wide an easy way to establish and track their golf handicap. We offer all this with no banners or pop-ups. Please understand that this is not an official USGA Golf Handicap. While My 18 holes computes your Golf Handicap based on USGA guidelines this site will provide you with a golf handicap for recreational use. (Handicap is also referred to as Handicap Index)

If this is your first time on our golf handicap website, you will need to create your profile. You can then establish your golf handicap with as few as 5 scores.

You can enter the slope and rating for all of your courses. This will be retained in your profile to make adding additional scores easy.

We have tried to make the site easy and intuitive but if you find you need help or have a question click here to contact us.

1. Free trial: no upfront fee
2. Easy to use: get started in seconds
3. Secure: your data is always private

What You Get

1. Unlimited storage of your scores to maintain your golf handicap
2. An easy tool for maintaining an accurate golf handicap
3. Ability to run you club or league
4. Continuous backup of your data to ensure your scores never get deleted

What We Get

Feedback from you! In order to make the site as user-friendly as possible we need your feedback. Please tell us about any problems or bugs you may find so we can continue to improve the site for everyone.
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